OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

With the Liberty release of OpenStack, Neutron will have the ability to act as a BGP speaker on an operator's network. This functionality enables Neutron to advertise host routes for floating IP's, and next-hops for tenant networks created with Neutron. This can alleviate many of the networking burdens placed on the operator when designing and operating an OpenStack cloud. It also enables new functionality in Neutron such as floating IP mobility and directly routable IPv4 and IPv6 tenant networks through a Neutron router. In addition, deployment of Neutron BGP dynamic routing enables better support for existing features such as IPv6 and distributed virtual routing (DVR). In this session we will explore how to use Neutron BGP dynamic routing to maximize the value of your Neutron deployment. We will demonstrate how to deploy, configure, and use Neutron BGP dynamic routing and discuss the use cases it enables. We will also explore how Neutron BGP dynamic routing works with features such as address scopes, routed network segments, distributed virtual routing (DVR), and what considerations operators should be aware of when deploying Neutron BGP dynamic routing. We will also discuss future plans for expanding BGP dynamic routing capabilities in Neutron.

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