OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack gives you a non-proprietary and extensible cloud. Microservices and Docker allow for extensible app architecture, and a vendor-agnostic, scalable infrastructure. While Microservices simplify app deployments, they come with a price: because it is so fragmented, it is more difficult to track and manage all the independent, yet inter-connected, components of the app. With a combination of Docker, OpenStack, and an end-to-end orchestration layer you can have a Microservices architecture, while supporting easy deployments across Build, QA, and Production environments, with a scalable, centrally managed Openstack infrastructure. This seamless integration between the application and the infrastructure simplifies and accelerates your DevOps processes and software delivery pipeline, while maximizing compute resources. Using real examples and a live demonstration (JIRA, Jenkins, Chef, Selenium), this talk would cover best practices and tips for enabling a robust, scalable and extensible DevOps infrastructure to support today’s modern app delivery – all the way from architecture, pipeline design, build, test, and deployment.

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