OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In this talk I will share my experience doing upstream OpenStack development using the OpenStack Ansible Deployment (OSAD) distribution instead of DevStack as my development platform. OSAD is a production OpenStack distribution for private clouds that deploys upstream OpenStack direct from the official git repositories, without any vendor-specific patches or add-ons. But unlike DevStack, services are isolated from each other in LXC containers, providing more flexibility and less dependency headaches. In this talk I will give you an introduction to the OSAD project and show you how I use it to contribute code upstream. Topics I will cover during the presentation include: What is OSAD? Architecture overview How to deploy an OSAD all-in-one for upstream development OSAD vs. DevStack: How are they similar, and how are they different? Development workflow Types of upstream work that work well with OSAD. Types of upstream work that do not work well with OSAD. Live Demonstration

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