OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

"Korejanai" means "It's Not This" in Japanese language. We're receiving a customer's inquiry like this: "Hey, we need to replace our application platform. Can you explain OpenStack? It is good and cheap, isn't it?". Unfortunately, we have seen many people get disappointed after the meeting with this word: "Korejanai! (It's Not This!)". The more people get to know the name of OpenStack, the more disappointments we should see. It seems that there should be some gap between expectation and reality. Of course people need to accept the mindset change like "Pet vs. Cattle" discussion for cloud native applications. Not only that, they need to know how to integrate OpenStack into their business strategy. In this session, we'll present actual "Korejanai" story and discuss how we can avoid disappointment from business strategic perspective.

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