OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

NTT Data is an IT service company. Kirin is one of the largest beverages companies in Japan. In this presentation, we will present the user story of migrating all applications from creaky infrastructure to OpenStack private cloud including actual challenges, know-hows and future prospects. The key concept of this project is: * Mission Critical: Migrate all Kirin enterprise applications to OpenStack private cloud. * Think Big, Start Small: Start from small number of apps, and expand rapidly. * Agility and elasticity: Adopt a PaaS-like automation approach, targeting 50% less development cost and 40% less operational cost. In order to achieve all items above, we have decided to use OpenStack IaaS, ICO, which is an automation product by IBM, serverspec for testing, and Hinemos for monitoring management. Starting from Aug 2014, the project expects 100 VM / 100 TB storage as the first-stage migration by end of 2015. We're planning to migrate 500 VM / 300 TB by end of 2016 and 2000 VM / 1 PB finally.

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