OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack is more and more the darling of the Enterprise world. Over the past few years that's changed the development priorities of the community. With increasing adoption of OpenStack by enterprise customers coupled with the consolidation of OpenStack startups, OpenStack is a changing landscape. In this free-flowing discussion 3 very experienced stackers will discuss the future of OpenStack and what it means for deployers and users. Kenneth Hui - Director of Technical Marketing at Platform9 Jesse Proudman - CTO at Blue Box, an IBM Company Matt Joyce - One of the original DevOps on NASA's Nebula Project Questions we intend to answer and discuss: Is OpenStack still cloud software? Has OpenStack shifted its development efforts to support a more monolithic model and away from the horizontally scaled distributed model it was designed to promote? While there are still large cloud deployments making big waves in the community, increasingly, private cloud adoption at new deployers is targeted at replacing existing VM workloads that have a legacy in the monolithic world of VMWare vSphere. How does this impact the OpenStack community? Is Neutron intended to solve the needs of cloud deployers? Or is it something else? Most hyperscale OpenStack deployers have still avoided the transition to Neutron from nova-network. nova-network is again seeing development, and there is an admitted conflict of design goals in the two projects that has led to a fracture in how OpenStack is deployed across the community. The question posed is, does Neutron meet the needs of a traditional elastic cloud, or is it more intended to address the needs of a more monolithic virtualization infrastructure. What is it’s place in OpenStack deployment? Is hosted OpenStack the future of OpenStack? OpenStack is still very difficult to deploy, and maintain. Finding the talent to support an environment has been an uphill struggle for most deployers. IBM recently made a huge bet on the Blue Box model of hosted OpenStack clouds. Is OpenStack as a Service the future of OpenStack? How does the drive to replace costly legacy vSphere infrastructure impact this emerging adoption model? Is the road to Mitaka the road to a collision course with vSphere? VMWare is a major contributor to OpenStack. Nicira who was acquired by VMWare was amongst the earliest and largest contributors to Neutron. Today VMWare is a member of the foundation board of directors. And yet, increasingly OpenStack with KVM is finding itself conflicting with VMware vSphere in the market. vSphere is arguably the mainstay product of VMWare’s enterprise offerings. What does the future hold for OpenStack and vSphere, are these once friendly compliments to each other now beginning to compete for the same market?

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