OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Bare metal provisioning is inevitable for cloud. Especially in multi-vendor large environment, it is a daunting task which is difficult to be fully automated because failure could happen easily in many ways. This session will present new Ironic features we contributed in Kilo and Liberty, and is going to contribute in M and later based on the vision that we propose "OpenStack for mission critical platform". Fujitsu sustains many mission critical systems of social infrastructure, such as baking, stack exchange, factory automation, and government agency system. Based on those experiences, we believe that the most important customer values are: Truly open, no vendor lock-in system to provide customer with freedom to switch any vendor anytime Reliable, robust, highly available system to operate customer's business continuously Responsive, responsible, competent support to resolve customer's incident quickly and accurately. As the first step towards the final goal, we contributed the following features: Virtual Media Deployment for large scale multi-vendor environment Bare metal Graceful Shutdown for better maintenance NMI dump for better support Ironic Network Neutron SG/FW packet logging feature As the next step, we plan to contribute: Ironic-Nova Integration for unified operation Ironic-Neutron Integration for multi-tenant support Ironic-Cinder Integration for N+1 redundancy support OpenStack logging improvement This presentation will also show Ironic demo of implemented feature above.

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