OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

This talk is an update of the talk with the same name presented at the Openstack Design Summit in Hong Kong. Abstract and video for this talk are available respectively at and Two years on, things have moved quite a bit. Advanced services have advanced - and now they live in their own repos, plugin have been decomposed, and Neutron now is a stadium within Openstack's big tent. This talk will go beyond choosing between a plugin and a ML2 driver, and will discuss the various options available to become part of the Neutron "stadium". Monoliths versus modular plugins Despite what one might think, this is not about ML2. Here we will discuss whether developers should develop Neutron integration a single monolitich plugin or as a set of plugins each one providing a different services. Reasons for developing a ML2 driver Apparently this is the only real option nowaday, but why? Are there cases where choosing to develop a ML2 mechanism driver is not really a no-brainer. Extending neutron functionality through new services The Neutron stadium offers different choices. We will look briefly looks at the services currently available in the "stadium", and provide useful insights into developing a new service, like the callback mechanism and ongoing efforts such as neutron-lib. Where possible, examples targeting the "Human Defined Networking" Neutron plugin ( will be provided. This talk has quite a good amount of technical content; the presenter is however committed to keep it lightweight, and, within the limits of the presenter's ability, entertaining.

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