OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Magnum provides container as a service, and Senlin provides clustering as a service to support autoscaling; therefore, to achieve autoscaling for container, it seems straightforward to simply integrate the two services. However, on closer inspection, many issues become apparent. For example, an administrator would be concerned with scaling the host cluster, while a user would think about scaling the containers. The different policies from the two levels of scaling may interact in unexpected ways. Monitoring data for containers and load balancing to containers may require additional support. Some container managers such as Kubernetes may offer native support to autoscale containers, while other managers such as Swarm may not and require external autoscaling support. Users may want to autoscale with or without heat template. To explore these issues and look for best practices, we conduct a POC in integrating Magnum and Senlin. In this talk we present the results of our POC effort and the new features and enhancements for both projects that we have identified as part of this integration effort. Speakers: Ton Ngo, Qiming Teng, Julio Ruano, Hongbin Lu

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