OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The average enterprise doesn’t believe it needs to be “web-scale”, yet enterprises are rapidly adopting technologies directly from web-scale players like Hadoop and Cassandra. The OpenStack ecosystem promises to help coalesce and deliver these types of technologies to the enterprise in such a way that they are more easily consumable and can drive IT transformation. By comparison, adjacent web-scale ecosystems like Docker are moving faster than OpenStack and enjoying greater adoption. Why is this? Can OpenStack play nice? How do containers factor in web-scale systems? Are OpenStack adopters looking at these ecosystems as adversarial or complementary? Our panel will include: someone who has deployed containers at massive scale (10s of thousands of physical servers) without OpenStack, an active production container user running them on top of OpenStack, and an active OpenStack production user who is currently evaluating the feasibility of adopting containers with or without OpenStack.

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