OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Cloud computing and mobile computing are two of the biggest forces in the marketplace today. OpenStack has a unique opportunity to become the dominant platform in the converged cloud-mobile world. At their convergence is an emerging new paradigm called edge computing, in which the resources of a small data center are placed in close proximity to mobile devices, sensors, and end users. Terms such as "cloudlets," "micro data centers," and "fog" have been used in the literature to refer to these small, edge-located data centers. In this talk, Professor Satya will show how OpenStack can be extended to provide the capabilities needed for edge computing. Specifically, the Nova and Glance components of OpenStack need to be extended with support for 3 mechanisms: (a) cloudlet discovery; (b) rapid VM provisioning; and (c) cross-cloudlet VM handoff. The talk will first explain why these 3 mechanisms are necessary and sufficient, and then describe their implementation in the Kilo release of OpenStack. Most of the Kilo implementation remains unmodified. A number of companies such as Vodafone, Intel and Huawei are working together to catalyze an open ecosystem and business opportunities around this extended version of OpenStack. Beyond Cofee-shop Cloudlets and WiFi, Prakash Ramchnadran Sr Mobile Cloud Architect from Huawei will highlight the road map of how to enable Seamless Mobility across WiFi & Cellular domain and push logical Applications to Edges from traditional IMS. How Subscribers can spot one wireless hop away, the Base-station Cloudlets, at the edge, an ideal placement for low-latency offload infrastructure to support emerging applications such as augmented reality and wearable cognitive assistance. The edge is an optimal site for aggregating, analyzing and distilling bandwidth-hungry sensor data from devices such as video cameras. In the Internet of Things, the edge offers a natural vantage point for organizational access control, privacy, administrative autonomy and responsive analytics. Rolf Schuster as Head of Innovation at Vodafone will then show the business case of in-Vehicle Cloudlets . New challenges and opportunities that a Service Provider will need to bring to Platform like Global/Local Cloulet Service Catalog, cloudlet extensions to OpenStack to enable seamless optimal placement and execution of cloud services at any location ranging from a conventional cloud data center to locations such as homes, automobiles and cellular infrastructure, leading to 4.5G & 5G. The evolution of OpenStack to support 5G with mm-waves will be a challenge that will run through Cloudlets and Service Providers are already getting ready to move to OPNFV and gear up for Open Edge Computing through OpenStack. The Speakers and Panel will than field questions from OpenStack community and seek ways to collaborate for betterment of Edge Comuting Cloudlet within and around Open Source Eco system. Lead Developer Kiryong Ha the Cloudlet creator from CMU will be available to build community for Cloudlet in Openstack. Speakers: Prakash Ramchandran, Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Rolf Schuster

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