OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Designing a Private OpenStack cloud is complex. It can take months of design and test effort to optimize the hardware and software components. What hardware configuration works best for your management/control plane? What is the “best” hardware configuration for a given workload? What workloads will you initially run (e.g., low latency, compute intensive, high transaction, etc.)? Do you know what workloads will be running in your cloud three months after deployment? This presentation will cover best practices gleaned across server and services teams as well as the HP Helion Public Cloud in designing and running hardware stacks in OpenStack clouds. It will explore the best practices and set-ups for control planes optimized for the different OpenStack services, compute configurations that factor in key workload considerations, and the storage and networking architectures that make a difference in how your cloud will handle data when using object and block storage.

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