OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

This session is to provide a detailed review of how to deploy and operate OpenStack using the community supported Ansible playbooks (OSAD) located on Stackforge GitHub repo ( We'll focus on: Overall deployment process: the nuts and bolts Brief overview of Ansible How to make environment specific configurations Provide tips and tricks to handling the deployment Let's Build Your Cloud: interactive session Review 3-4 real life examples of how you can automate daily administrative tasks with Ansible Attendees will be present with all the little details around how to deploy OSAD and things to look out for during the implementation. Session is intended to be a very interactive and provide 'how-to' answers to building distributed OpenStack clouds. While all cloud tasks can be executed via the API or CLI tool on a one by one basis, this would not be the best way to handle larger cloud deployments. The need for more of an automated approach to administering OpenStack is now clear. With the many IaaS capabilities OpenStack has to offer coupled with Ansible, an ease of use configuration management tool, assures a more complete cloud implementation.

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