OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Have you ever had a really interesting idea that you believe could benefit a significant number of OpenStack clouds but you are not a developer so can't contribute code? Join us in this session to learn about the various ways non-developers can (and need to!) contribute to the OpenStack community. This session not only applies to operators but to any person that has a stake in the future of OpenStack. We will cover review and discuss groups that exist inside the OpenStack community that focus on specific market segments and how to get involved with them. We will also introduce the concept of user stories and how to submit them to the newly formed Product Working Group. What you will get out of this session: An overview of the User Committee and working groups/teams that exist today An understanding of the role that the Product WG plays, how to interact with it, and how its results are used in the community Learn how you can submit user stories using the Product WG Repo and Template Instructions/demo on how to submit a user story Understand the value of work group participation as an OpenStack user

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