OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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Monitoring large scale production OpenStack environments presents new challenges for public, managed, and private cloud providers. An effective cloud monitoring strategy will lower your mean time to resolution, decrease TCO, and increase the stability of the OpenStack platform. In this session we will go over production operations use cases and demonstrate Monasca analyzing OpenStack performance, health, and event data to address the following use cases: Can my projects access compute? Is Horizon performance slow? Is my ELK stack running? Can my tenants create VMs? And more... Monasca is a multi-tenant, highly scalable, performant, fault-tolerant, monitoring-as-a-service solution for OpenStack that supports storing and querying metrics, alarming/thresholding and notification methods such as email, webhooks, PagerDuty, and more. We will cover the current and future state of Monasca as it evolves from a metrics based monitoring system to supporting events and logging. Come and learn why companies like HP, TWC, Cisco, Fujitsu and others are adopting Monasca as their OpenStack monitoring solution.

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