OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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This talk will highlight the puppet-swift OpenStack module. Puppet-swift has seen more attention and development recently. The puppet OpenStack modules are now part of the OpenStack "bigtent" and have an active and diverse devops community contributing to them. This talk highlights one open source approach to automating the deployment of your swift cluster. Starting off with a brief walk through of a multi region swift cluster running on Ubuntu at TWC that backs many critical business apps. This talk is meant to be a blueprint for those considering a transition to or initial deployment of swift using puppet. We will examine key deployment points such as managing/distributing the swift rings and using hiera to map devices to drives, useful if you are migrating from another tool-set to manage swift. Next is a highlight of the current capabilities and recent enhancements of the puppet-swift module. Considerations in deployment strategy around a multi region - multi puppet master cluster. Along with the puppet-swift module, there are other important automation/deployment considerations that should be addressed when deploying swift with puppet. We will touch on the areas that should be part of any deployment such as: performance tuning, log rotation, log collection and cluster telemetry using Monasca. The top 5 icinga checks to consider when monitoring your swift cluster health.

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