OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Cloud solutions offer vastly improved agility and lower TCO over legacy datacenter solutions. But it can very challenging to move monolithic financial applications from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud-based environments, and to recreate them as distributed, service-oriented, “cloud native” applications with open source tools, new approaches to network communications, high availability, integrity, security, and auditability. ShenZhen Securities Communication Corporation .Ltd (SSCC) is building an IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platform for their financial customers. They selected OpenStack as a go-forward IaaS solution, but then faced challenges in building a financial platform based on fully open source software. Mirantis worked with SSCC to fill the gap between OpenStack’s capabilities and feature-set, and their requirements for application management and delivery, and cloud application security. In this session, we’ll share our experience in taking advantage of OpenStack’s flexibility to design a scalable, reliable financial industry cloud for ShenZhen Securities Communication Corporation, Ltd. We’ll discuss using OpenStack to provide: High application availability and reliability in a distributed application architecture with no critical single points of failure Robust data integrity and security with new storage architectures and multi-site backup protocols New approaches to network architecture and management, access and security, and communications made possible with open SDN Attendees at this session will leave with a much-clearer grasp of financial IT requirements, legacy application debt, and will have in hand a clear, tested pathway to forward migration of critical financial apps onto OpenStack.

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