OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

In this talk, Megan Rossetti and Shilla Saebi will discuss what it takes to grow an OpenStack operations team that runs a production OpenStack cloud, which is constantly growing. An important aspect of our teams roadmap is to run both the existing infrastructure while implementing the future vision for the Comcast private cloud. Building a diverse and inclusive team is no easy task and it takes dedication, time and determination. We will take you through the entire process from interviewing for an OpenStack engineer, to the OpenStack training we put our new hires through. We will cover topics such as qualifications for the team, operations team responsibilities, day to day tasks as well as knowledge maintenance. OpenStack is a fast paced, ever changing, growing community and sometimes it can be challenging. We would like to share our story and let others know what works for us and what challenges we have faced. We hope that this talk can help provide a road map for companies and organizations to move beyond discussion to real and actionable when it comes to diversity, growth and inclusion.

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