OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack Tacker is a new service that addresses NFV Orchestration and VNF Manager use cases using the ETSI MANO architecture. It is a generic VNF manager that supports basic lifecycle management of VNFs, as well as health monitoring and self-healing capabilities. Tacker can be integrated with the Brocade SDN Controller (BSC) for applying service specific configurations to VNFs using south-bound interfaces like NETCONF. We will first demonstrate Tacker’s VNF management functionality using Brocade’s VNFs; vRouter 5600, and vEPC. Along with VNF lifecycle management, we will also demonstrate how the vRouter 5600 is mounted as a NETCONF resource in BSC using the Tacker framework. This demo will highlight the end-end integration between Orchestration and the Brocade SDN controller.

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