OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

War stories, learnings, and caveats to watch out for, as you and your team take OpenStack from introduction stage to mission critical production deployments in your Enterprise. This session will have 2 or 3 speakers. How best to introduce OpenStack within your Organization / Company. Does it matter how the PoC (proof of concept) is done, for the OpenStack value-prop? After working very hard, you, your team and your Director / VP have just earned a mandate from the executive leadership : "Bring OpenStack into production". Yay! Now what? You are underwriting the private cloud story for your company. And it is a humbling realization. With the ever-elusive mandate in your hand, the bulk of the challenges may lay ahead. Starting small. Creating internal customer success story and then scaling up. White glove treatment. OpenStack Cloud distro of your choice is up and running. What's next? To hire or To build skills internally? Quickly. Integrating existing / legacy sub-systems like authentication, LDAP, AD, IPAM, DNS, DHCP. What cultural challenges to expect? How best to use real data to effectively anticipate and mitigate those challenges. Leveraging the vibrant community around OpenStack to maximize the chances of your success. Path to production. OpenStack as a unified control plane with Multiple hypervisors. Do we need to strategize around migration? Internal onboarding with Operations, Lab admins and support, and with the vendor partners.

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