OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls dyin time s here. No, not really. But in this session, five highly opinionated Stackers will lock horns over the best way to bring about global dominance of OpenStack as the default cloud-building platform. Jesse Proudman of Blue Box, Randy Bias of Cloudscaling, Alex Freedland of Mirantis, Chris Kemp of Nebula, and Christopher MacGown of Piston will each argue their cases for the roles that distros, appliances, managed services, PCaaS, public cloud, consulting/training/DIY and the Foundation have to play in leveraging OpenStack s meteoric rise to prominence into the dominant cloud-building platform it seems destined to become. Keeping all these opinions in check and guiding the table-pounding and voice-raising to something constructive will be Caroline McCrory of GigaOm Research. Bring your opinions but check your assumptions at the door, and enter the room with an open mind. This crew is ready to inform, challenge and surprise the audience with tweet-worthy observations and actionable ideas that we can use to propel OpenStack to world domination. Five champions enter

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