OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

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Sunday, November 2 14:00 Registration Check-in Monday, November 3 07:30 Registration Check-in 08:15 Break: Coffee and Sneak Peak 09:30 OpenStack Foundation Keynote 09:45 Managing R&D Externally 10:00 BBVA Bank on OpenStack 10:10 Private Cloud, OpenStack, and the BMW Datacenter 10:25 Standing Up OpenStack at Time Warner Cable 10:35 Superuser Awards! 10:40 Headline Panel: Global Enterprise IT Companies Supporting OpenStack 11:15 Sponsor Demo Theater - Numergy: Hybrid your Cloud with Numergy Break 11:40 OpenStack Service Availability - Make Every Day a Cloudy Day How to Maximize Effectiveness of Your Developers Contributing to OpenStack IPv6 Features in OpenStack Juno Extending Barbican - Managing Secrets and Events Your Way ONE Joint Effort to Address Open Source Multi-Vendor Compliance and Inter-operability Challenges Open Networking and SDN for Next-generation OpenStack Clouds OpenStack® and the Enterprise Cloud Toward a Self-Driving Infrastructure – Experience of Running a 200 Physical Server BigData Cloud Ask the Experts: Challenges for OpenStack Storage You'll Never Look the Same Way at Developer Support Again Orange: A Leading Operator of the Internet Era Leaping to Cloud Using Heat and Other Tools to Deploy HIghly Available Environments 12:30 Resiliency and Performance Engineering for OpenStack at Enterprise Scale OpenStack QA in a Nutshell The Open NFV Organization, Neutron and Open Daylight Digging Deep: OpenStack Neutron and NSX with KVM, Docker, vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen and Bare-Metal Hosts SSL Everywhere with Ephemeral PKI An Exploration of OpenStack Networking – Misconceptions, Assumptions and Expectations Great Expectations – The New Enterprise Stack SoftPassthrough & User Space Switching, Better DPDK Solution for NFV Workload Everything You Wanted to Know About Trove but Didn't Know Whom to Ask Heat: Beyond the Basics Panel: Experience with OpenStack in Telco Infrastructure Transformation 13:10 Lunch and a Show*: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch and a Movie*: Spaceballs Lunch and a Movie: Spaceballs Lunch and a Show: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch 13:15 Sponsor Demo Theater - Dreamhost: New Projects from the DreamHost Labs! 14:05 Sponsor Demo Theater - Suse: How an Open Source Cloud Will Help Keep Your Cloud Strategy Options Open 14:30 How Do I Get My Hardware OpenStack-Ready? Land Your First Neutron Patch Bridges and Tunnels: A Drive Through OpenStack Networking Evaluating Vendors and Drivers in OpenStack Deployments with Rally + OSProfiler Using Containers Without Risking Your *aas (Canonical) Building Multi-site & Multi-OpenStack Cloud with OpenStack Cascading Dell Red Hat OpenStack Clouds – Optimizing Performance and Service Assurance with Intel SAA Transforming to Cloud Native: Nice Theory, But How Do We Transform? Lessons Learned Taking the Mystery out of Erasure Codes: A Swift Implementation Extending OpenStack IaaS with Cloud Foundry PaaS OpenStack Empowers Customer-Centric NFV OpenStack Networking Hands-on Lab Meet the OpenStack Influencers 15:20 When Disaster Strikes the Cloud: The Who, What, When, Where and How of OpenStack Disaster Recovery Tales from the Ship: Navigating the OpenStack Community Seas Architectural Overview of Distributed Virtual Routers in OpenStack Neutron OpenStack on a Silver Platter Trusted Bare Metal What's That? Billing Integration Enablement for Ceilometer OpenStack Storage Infrastructure on NetApp Software Defined Infrastructure – A Gateway to Faster Innovation & Lower Costs Why is My Volume in 'ERROR' State!?! - An Introduction to Troubleshooting Your Cinder Configuration Application and Network Orchestration Using HEAT & TOSCA Huawei SoftCOM, Reshape the Future Way of Telco Industry Based on OpenStack 16:00 Break Sponsor Demo Theater - Brocade: Brocade Vyatta Controller Meets OpenStack 16:20 Avoiding the 'Perpetual Proof-of-Concept': Speeding Enterprise OpenStack Adoption with VMware Slaying The Salmon of Doubt Group Based Policy Extension for Networking Panel: Open Source OpenStack Provisioning Tools: What, Why, and How? Identifying Security Issues in the Cloud: Threat Analysis for OpenStack Lightning Talks – Sponsored by HP Reshaping Storage for the Next Generation Datacenter Understanding OpenStack Manila File Share Service The Role of Software Defined Storage in OpenStack Cinder Getting Started with OpenStack Python SDK Creating a Carrier-Grade Virtualized Network Function for Mobile Operators Using OpenStack Automated Deployment of a Highly Available OpenStack Cloud 17:10 Lightning Talks Continued – Sponsored by HP Ask the Experts: OpenStack as a Service or as a Distribution? Writing Enterprise Docs with an Upstream. A Life Lesson in Giving Back. Load Balancing as a Service v2.0 - Juno and Beyond Glint - Image Distribution in a Multi-Cloud Environment Secure Keystone Deployment: Lessons Learned and Best Practices OpenStack Use Case Showcase Telemetry, the foundation of intelligent cloud orchestration Using OpenStack Swift for Extreme Data Durability Ciao: Continuous Integration for Apps on OpenStack Developing OpenStack as a Framework for NFV 17:50 Booth Crawl & Happy Hour 20:00 Mirantis Presents OPENSTACK UNDERGROUND | Paris 2014 Tuesday, November 4 07:30 Break Women of OpenStack Working Session Registration Check-in 09:00 OpenStack in a Hybrid World 09:25 CERN OpenStack User Story 09:45 Accelerating Innovation at Expedia with OpenStack 10:00 Why Diversity Matters: Musings on Tapjoy's First Year on OpenStack 10:15 Cloud Control to Major Telco 10:45 Sponsor Demo Theater - Nuage Networks: Deployable Neutron Networking Break 11:15 Panel: Piercing the OpenStack Bubble: The Investor's Perspective La Vie d un Paquet MySQL and OpenStack Deep Dive Software Defined Infrastructure: Provisioning and Managing an OpenStack Cloud Deploying and Auto-scaling Applications on OpenStack with Heat The Perfect Match: Apache Spark Meets Swift Hybrid your Cloud with Numergy and Nuage Outstanding OpenStack: The State of the Union for the World's Leading OpenStack Distribution The Significance of an Open Cloud Building the Cloud Ecosystem OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes Barbican: Securing Your Secrets 12:05 Fireside Chat: Getting VCs to Back Your Vision for OpenStack What Should We Take into Consideration to Build a Production OpenStack Cloud? OVX: Virtual Software Defined Networks Capacity Management/Provisioning (Cloud's full, Can't build here) Walk on Water: 20 Stepping Stones to Reach Production OpenStack Cloud (for Execs, PMs, Architects) Demonstrating NFV on OpenStack Pumphouse: Workload Migration and Rolling Upgrades of OpenStack Cloud Nuage Networks: OpenStack Neutron and Private Clouds The New New Thing: Turning Docker Tech into a Full Speed Hypervisor Seamless Migration from Nova-network to Neutron in eBay Production 12:45 Lunch and a Movie*: Spaceballs Lunch and a Movie: Spaceballs Lunch and a Show*: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch and a Show: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch 12:50 Sponsor Demo Theater - OpenDaylight: OpenDaylight and the Rise of Open Source SDN 13:15 Sponsor Demo Theater - Tesora: What’s New in The Tesora Database as a Service Platform for OpenStack 13:40 Sponsor Demo Theater - Piston Cloud: Piston OpenStack: From Zero to OpenStack in 15 Minutes 14:00 Q & A Panel with Media and Analyst Covering OpenStack PaaS and OpenStack - The Strategy for an Agile Enterprise Akanda: Layer 3+ Virtual Networking Services for OpenStack CI/CD Pipeline to Deploy and Maintain an OpenStack IaaS Cloud OpenStack Design Guide Panel Extreme OpenStack: Taking Scale, Performance, Reliability, and Security to the Max Huawei OpenStack Journey Nuage Networks: Pets, Cattle and Herding Dogs Design and Operation of OpenStack Cloud on 100 Physical Servers (NTT DOCOMO) Hands-On Troubleshooting OpenStack 14:05 Sponsor Demo Theater - Scality 14:30 Sponsor Demo Theater - Seagate: Disruptive Economics with the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform. Simplify. Scale. Disaggregate. 14:50 HP: Helion Most Valued Professional Showcase - Introduction Panel: Tips and Tools for Building a Successful OpenStack Group Making OpenStack Safe for Pets Neutron Network Node High Availability CI/CD in Practice: Real World Deployment and Management A Practical Approach to Dockerizing OpenStack High Availability Insights from Successful OpenStack Deployments Introduction to OpenStack for VMware Administrators Maximum Ecosystem, Maximum Interoperability: Lessons Learned Building 3000+ Multi-vendor OpenStacks a Month Building Telco Grade Cloud Services with OpenStack 14:55 Sponsor Demo Theater - EasyStack: Autocaling Over OpenStack Hybrid Cloud 15:00 Bridging The Gap: OpenStack For VMware Admins 15:20 Sponsor Demo Theater - NetApp: Crafting a Storage Service Catalog Story of OpenStack CEE User Community 15:40 Meet the OpenStack Ambassadors OpenStack and vSphere/vCenter: Best Practices for 'Classic' Enterprise and Cloud-ready Apps Can You Trust Neutron? A Tour of Scalability and Reliability Improvements from Havana to Juno OpenStack Ops Using Serf and Puppet Transforming to OpenStack? A Roadmap to Work as a Service Converged Cloud Computing That's Secure, Fast, or Cheap: Pick Three NFV and Telco Solutions on OpenStack (Canonical) VMware Integrated OpenStack: Technical Deep Dive Demo What Workloads Can I Run on My OpenStack Cloud Why Cloud Foundry, Containers and Open Source Matter to Developers? Docker Meets Swift: A Broadcaster's Experience 15:45 Sponsor Demo Theater - StackStorm: Operating OpenStack / AWS Environments with Smart Automation 16:10 Sponsor Demo Theater - Metacloud: Empowering Admins by Taking Away Root - Improving Platform Visibility in Horizon 16:20 Break 16:35 Sponsor Demo Theater - Puppet Labs: Deploying and Managing OpenStack Juno with Puppet Enterprise 16:40 Making OpenStack Ubiquitous in the Enterprise: Technology & Community View Hosted by Michael Aday User Group Panel: India, Japan, China Orchestrating Docker with OpenStack Storage Foundation for OpenStack Compute Designate: An Overview of OpenStack DNSaaS Performance Tuning a Cloud Application - A Real World Case Study The OpenStack Thunderdome Building Business Success, Beyond Thunderdome Hadoop and Cloud Foundry at Scale on OpenStack (Canonical) Hands-on-Lab: Running OpenStack on VMware vSphere and NSX Hands on with ZeroVM 17:00 Sponsor Demo Theater - Enter Cloud Suite: OPENSTACK MADE SIMPLE: Integrated Services and a Beautiful Interface to Rule IT 17:15 OpenStack+CloudFoundry 17:25 Sponsor Demo Theater - PLUMgrid: PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite 17:30 Building a Cloud Career in OpenStack Scaling Ironic Navigating the OpenStack Ecosystem Managing Open vSwitch across a large heterogenous fleet Tuning OpenStack for Availability and Performance in Large Production Deployments A Walk-through of Canonical's Reference Architecture; How and Why to Reproduce on Your Choice of OpenStack Platform Build Your Own Disaster? The Safe Way to Make Ceph Storage Enterprise Ready! Building OpenStack Near the Users 17:50 Sponsor Demo Theater - Arista: OpenStack Physical Network Provisioning Beyond Layer 2 19:30 Machin Machine - Official Evening Event Wednesday, November 5 08:30 Registration Check-in Bag Check Open 09:00 Sponsor Demo Theater - it-novum: Open Cloud Storage. Building a Flexible and Large-scale Software-defined Storage Platform for OpenStack Tips to Implementing Multiple Cloud Storage APIs 4 Years In Beyond 86: Managing Multi-platform Environments with OpenStack Migrating Production Workloads from OVS to Linux Bridge w/ ML2 Guest Image Lifecycle Setting the Stage in Open Cloud Vagrant Up a Stand-alone, Multi-Node OpenStack Swift Cluster Monasca Deep Dive: Monitoring at Scale Leveraging Existing Identity Sources for OpenStack Clouds “Federation” Business Models for OpenStack Operators (Canonical) and Heat, Explore and Enable Elastic Cluster for Internet Applications 09:25 Sponsor Demo Theater - Citrix: OpenStack LBaaS Powered by NetScaler for Highest Isolation and Flexibility Combined with End to End Automation 09:50 Sponsor Demo Theater - Swiftstack: Swift Storage Policies with SwiftStack - Live Demo Team Gender Diversity - Working with the Other 50% Under the Hood with Nova, Libvirt, and KVM (Part Two) Neutron Roundtable: Overlay or Full SDN? Learning to Scale OpenStack: Juno Update from the Rackspace Public Cloud OpenCloudware: The vApp Lifecycle Management Solution for Multi-Cloud Docker All The OpenStack Services Using Ceilometer Data to Detect Fraudulent Activity in Our OpenStack Cluster Step on the Gas: See How Open Technologies are Driving the Future of the Enterprise Troubleshooting Problems in Heat Deployments Bringing Research to the Cloud: the NeCTAR Research Cloud 10:15 Sponsor Demo Theater - Storage Made Easy: The Enterprise File Share & Sync Solution for OpenStack Swift 10:30 Break 10:40 Sponsor Demo Theater - One Convergence: Policy Driven Network Service Delivery 11:00 The Numbers of the Open Cloud Win The Enterprise BOF Monitoring OpenStack in the Enterprise Rethinking Ceilometer metric storage with Gnocchi: Time-series as a Service XLCloud: 3D Rendering in the Cloud Cloud Security: Do You Know Where Workloads are Running? Ensuring Boundary Control in OpenStack Cloud What You Need to Know About OpenStack + VMware Trove in the Real World - Adventures in Running Production Workloads on Upstream Code How Tapjoy Uses OpenStack to Deliver Billions of Daily Requests Globally 11:05 Sponsor Demo Theater - Siaras: OpenStack and Its Role in the WAN-Aware Multicloud 11:30 Sponsor Demo Theater - Codership: Designing for Scale: Data Storage in OpenStack and Galera Cluster 11:50 OpenStack community metrics by Stackalytics Glance Artifacts: It's Not Just for Images Anymore OpenStack Upgrade Without Down Time The Road to Minimally Impacting Live Upgrades of the Rackspace Public Cloud The CompatibleOne Story: From Collaboration to Industry Keystone to Keystone Federation OpenDaylight and OpenStack Developer Panel IBM and OpenStack: Collaborations Beyond the Code OpenContrail and Agile Cloud Service Delivery Extending The Pane of Glass: Building Horizon Panels for Non-OpenStack Applications How SAP SE Transformed a Productive Environment from Virtualization to Cloud Computing with OpenStack 11:55 Sponsor Demo Theater - Objective Libre: CloudKitty, Open Source Rating Component for OpenStack 12:20 Sponsor Demo Theater - UnitedStack Cloud Services: From OpenStack to Open Cloud 12:30 Lunch and a Movie*: Spaceballs Lunch and a Movie: Spaceballs Lunch and a Show*: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch and a Show: Star Trek, the Next Generation & Firefly Lunch 13:40 Sponsor Demo Theater - Ravello Systems: Run OpenStack Labs on AWS with Nested Virtualization and Hardware Acceleration 13:50 Building an ROI on Your OpenStack investment - Proof That You're Optimizing IT Spend! 'Not Invented Here is Not an Option': The Importance of Cross-Community Collaboration Long Periods of Boredom Punctuated by Moments of Terror'- Upgrading Live Openstack Clusters Upgrading in Place from Grizzly to Icehouse: A Cautionary Tale Re-VAMP load testing with CLIF for continuous integration on the cloud Cold Start Booting of 1000 VMs Under 10 Minutes Meet Mimic: An API-compatible Mock Service for OpenStack A Use Case Driven View of IBM’s OpenStack Based Offerings A World of Many (OpenStack) Clouds Practical Advice on Deployment and Management of Enterprise Workloads 14:05 Sponsor Demo Theater - Paris Region Enterprises: Why the Paris Region is Good for OpenStack and the Adoption of Open Source Cloud Technologies? 14:30 Sponsor Demo Theater - VisualOps: WYSIWYG for OpenStack 14:40 Are We Done Yet? Testing OpenStack Deployments How We Fought for OpenStack HA erOCCI, a Scalable, Model-based REST API Framework Cloud Federation: Are We There Yet? Use OpenStack as a Vagrant Provider IBM OpenStack Offerings in Action Swift 101: Technology and Architecture for Beginners Introducing pkgcloud: OpenStack SDK for node.js Economics of NFV and OpenStack OVH/RunAbove: Going Beyond the Performance Limits of Public Cloud Scaling Embedded Software Engineering Exercising Continuous Development and Integration on OpenStack 14:55 Sponsor Demo Theater - StorPool Storage: StorPool + Cinder demo 15:20 Sponsor Demo Theater - Cloudwatt: Scalable SDN in Public Cloud with Cloudwatt 15:30 Building the RackStack: Packaging from Upstream OpenStack OpenStack High Availability: Are We There Yet? ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration Top Hybrid Cloud Myths Debunked Beyond Horizon: Open Source Management On the Go for OpenStack and the Rest of Your Computing Infrastructure Case Study: Multi-regional, Multi-petabyte, Multi-clusterd Object Storage Powered by OpenStack Swift Building Applications with Swift: The Swift Developer On-Ramp Telekom Deutschlands Approach to NFV Meet The Jock of College Sports Backend Infrastructure - Pac-12's Journey to the Cloud: Our Trials and Triumphs 15:45 Sponsor Demo Theater - Hedera Software: Manage & Customize Multi-Clouds Services with Hedera Cloud Manager 16:10 Break Sponsor Demo Theater - Qosmos: Enabling Dynamic Policy & Orchestration with a DPI Module Integrated in the vSwitch 16:30 Hardware in the Cloud: Cleaning up after Bare Metal Ironic Tenants Multi-Cell OpenStack: How to Evolve Your Cloud to Scale How to Take the CI/CD Plunge or How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Bomb Scaling OpenStack Services: The Pre-TripleO Service Cloud Emerginov: An OW2 African Adventure - From Hackathons to the Cloud Build a High-Performance and High-Durability Block Storage Service Based on Ceph Supporting Telecom and NFV with the Open Source Ecosystem BBVA Bank on OpenStack 17:20 Taking the Long View: How the Oslo Program Reduces Technical Debt Tales from the Trenches: the Good, Bad, and Ugly of OpenStack Operations Containers for Multi-Cloud Apps Percona Server Features for OpenStack and Trove Ops Extensibility in Swift The Road to a OpenStack Native Application: What if VMs are Treated as Linux Processes? Building an NFV Orchestration Platform with OpenStack OpenStack on OpenCompute with Ironic Industrializing Machine Image Creation for Cloud Environments 20:00 PARIS BY NIGHT: Red Hat and eNovance Party Schedule or People Search OpenStack Summit November 2014 ParisNov 2- 5, 2014 Le Palais des Congrès Cloudfunding Community Building Compute Enterprise IT Strategies Evening Events Hands-on labs How to Contribute Keynotes Networking Operations OW2 Open Cloud Day Planning Your OS Cloud Products | Tools | Services Public & Hybrid Cloud Related OSS Projects Security Sponsor Sessions Storage Targeting Apps Telco Strategies User Stories Company Audience Subject Area Popular Recently Active Attendees avatar for Uri ElzurUri ElzurMTMitsuhiro Taninoavatar for Ciaran JohnstonCiaran Johnstonavatar for Thierry CarrezThierry CarrezATAlexander TroyanovskyNSNeela Shahavatar for Dina BelovaDina Belovaavatar for Cynthia ThomasCynthia ThomasMore → Take a tour or contact the event organizer for event questions. 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