OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

During the OpenStack summit in Atlanta, Symantec presented on our vision for a Key Value as a Service storage technology utilizing MagnetoDB. Since then our Cloud Platform Team has rolled the service out in our production environments. Through that process we have learned about tuning requirements of the solution on bare metal versus hosted VMs within an OpenStack environment. Our initial performance testing was done with MagnetoDB running on bare metal nodes. After migrating the service from bare metal to an OpenStack VM hosted environment, we observed a 50% reduction in performance. This presentation will dig in to the technical details of performance tuning an application running on an OpenStack Nova Compute cluster. We will examine the performance related configuration settings necessary to improve the hosted application from three different angles: the underlying compute node Operating System configuration the hypervisor virtualization layer and the Guest VM and Application stack We will provide an outline for other cloud operators to follow when they work towards performance tuning an application running in your own OpenStack cloud. Specific topics that will be covered include: compute hardware configuration and the impact on performance compute operating system configuration and tuning KVM hypervisor performance tuning parameters guest VM configuration and how they relate to your application stack guest Operating System configuration and tuning details application performance tuning At the end of this presentation you should have a guideline on how to approach performance tuning an application running in your OpenStack environment.

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