OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

One reason VMware s vSphere has been well received by enterprises is that it supports high availability for mission-critical classic-design application workloads. OpenStack has sometimes suffered by comparison: it s typically characterized as better for hosting distributed applications that provide for their own high availability. Happily, VMware can solve this problem for OpenStack, along with issues of distributed resource scheduling and other enterprise IT requisites. In this session speakers from VMware and Mirantis will discuss best practices for integrating vSphere/vCenter with OpenStack, and describe ways of leveraging well-known VMware features (HA, DRS and others) for different kinds of applications encountered in enterprise cloud environments. You ll come away with a solid understanding of how vSphere/vCenter integration works in OpenStack, how native VMware features can be configured to protect the integrity of mission-critical workloads and provide other services OpenStack presently lacks, and see how OpenStack and VMware can cooperate in enterprise clouds to nurture the important applications on which so many businesses still depend.

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