OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Managing the lifecycle of OpenStack's services is no easy task. In this session users will learn about the lifecycle management challenges faced by enterprises deploying OpenStack including: Using lifecycle management tools with a fast moving development model Ensuring service isolation Maximizing utilization of resources by consolidating services Currently, lifecycle management tools are attempting to solve these problems, but the approach requires far too much logic within the management tool and is inefficient. Virtual machines are also being used by many, but involve too much overhead and lack rich metadata without complex configuration management tools. Enter Docker, Kubernetes, and Atomic which hold the promise of a more efficient and reliable way of managing the lifecycle of OpenStack services. After exploring the challenges and shortcomings of current methods of lifecycle management of OpenStack services attendees will learn how Docker, Kubernetes, and Atomic can be used to solve these challenges and reduce deployment complexity. Users will learn: How performing automated Docker builds of OpenStack services on commits can increase developer productivity The benefits of deploying OpenStack services in containers from Docker images using Kubernetes templates on hosts Considerations when deploying OpenStack services as containers and the future of container based deployment orchestration and management The Kolla StackForge Project Join us for this talk and learn to Docker All The OpenStack Services!

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