OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

As an Enterprise and/or a Cloud service provider, you would have to ensure that all regulatory requirements for workload and data sovereignty are met. You have to answer the questions from your customers like: where is my workload running? , Are my workloads running in a compliant location? , How can I trust the Integrity of the host servers on which my workloads are running , can you prove to me that my workloads and data have not violated policies? , How can I control via policy where my workload can and cannot migrate and run . In this session, we will present a solution architecture and soon to be up streamed implementation with a walk through/demonstration of set of OpenStack extensions and solution components that address these questions. It will provide a recipe for how to: Enable a system admin to securely write an asset/geo-tag descriptors on to the host servers, make that descriptor available to the OpenStack scheduler Define the location/segregation/geo policy for the VMs/Workloads LocationComplianceFilter in OpenScheduler to pick a compliant set of servers

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