OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

It is a widely known fact that Neutron has been for a long time under the spotlight for being the "naughty" openstack integrated project, constituting, to an extent, Openstack's weak link. The network is a crucial component, and Neutron provides a network virtualization framework which enables layer-2 tenant isolation, VIF level firewall with security group as well as layer-3 routing, as well as several L4/L7 services. This talk is aimed at discussing the evolution of this framework from havana to Juno. However, rather than focusing on aspects such as features and capabilities, this talk will rather focus on aspects which probably are a lot more important to deployers, such as reliability and scalability. The talk agenda can be summarized as follows: - An overview of the issues affecting Openstack neutron at the Havana release - A discussion of the improvements made to Neutron, and in some cases to Nova as well - A quantitative measuring of the improvements occurred between Havana and Juno in terms of performance, and scalability. This will be achieved comparing Neutron's "reference" Open source solution (ML2 with OVS) between these two release, as well as comparing it against another plugin which will be used as a reference to measure the progress of Neutron's network virtualization framework.

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