OpenStack Summit Paris 2014

Video recording and post production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Summary: Openstack has slowly and steadily grown into a main stream IaaS cloud solution provider technology. At Symantec, we have primarily used Openstack to virtualize our datacenters and help drive infrastructure automation to ensure maximum use of our compute, network and storage capabilities. But many of our enterprise use-cases demand more than just virtualized environments. There is a need for certain applications to run on linux container like environments and make use of some of the advantages provided by these platforms. In this presentation we will talk about how Openstack can be used along with other open source cloud technologies to build an ecosystem to solve all use cases and problems faced by today s enterprise world. We will try to present a performance based evaluation of the three most popular technologies out there Openstack, Docker and Google s Kubernetes and propose a solution that may help you achieve infrastructure automation in its complete sense. The following topics will be covered in this presentation: · Categorize enterprise use cases that can be solved using Openstack, Docker or Kubernetes. · Performance analysis and benchmarking · How can Openstack be used as the central scheduling and orchestration engine to integrate with other open-source cloud technologies? · Can the ecosystem eventually be scalable, reliable, secure and truly multi-tenant?

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