OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013

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While OpenStack projects provide a variety of ways to be notified of or extract telemetry-based metrics and usage information, today there exists no singular way of capturing both performance metrics and congruently logged information that correspond along the same time scale. In many cases it’s extremely valuable to have performance metrics and congruent log patterns collected, analyzed, and paired together in real-time.This talk will explore the use of Riemann (, a distributed systems monitor capable of handling tens of thousands of events per second, per core. Its abilities extend beyond simple metrics into service, state, tagging, descriptions (mayhap log messages), and can also scale beyond a single node; it is possible to construct a topology of Riemann servers that filter and pass events to each other for processing.A separate web-based dashboard project has thus far been capable of receiving thousands of updates per second via websockets, and is a good demonstration of Riemann's capabilities.Discussion and demo will illustrate how we can publish system-level metrics and Ceilometer-collected data to Riemann, while also collecting OpenStack log output--all while acting upon the following:*specific log patterns*service states*inactivity detection*activity rates for types of events*metric rates, values, and percentilesThis data can be normalized, analyzed, graphed, used to trigger automated first-response/front-line actions, sent to other systems, retrieved through a simple API to be presented within other systems, presented in other dashboards, and so forth.No previous experience with Riemann or Ceilometer is necessary for this session.

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