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MountainWest JavaScript 2015

This presentation, by Gord Tanner , is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

bitHound is a JavaScript shop. We have been working with JavaScript for a few years and have a major appreciation for the power and speed of which we can build in nodeJS. When we set out to start building bitHound, we made sure that we were able to use it to analyze itself to hone the tools. JavaScript is a great language but doesn’t come without it’s challenges. We will cover the lessons learned on our path to developing our distributed compute platform. Specific topics that will be covered throughout include: Brokerless / brokered messaging Designing for a generic compute note architecture Limitations of node and JavaScript for parallel tasks Using non-blocking io to speed up large jobs When and how to split long running tasks Handling failure Using metrics to improve architecture and performance

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