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MountainWest JavaScript 2015

This presentation, by Kyle Tyacke, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In the early days of my career, things were simple. When it came to streaming media, real-time communications, and all things peer-to-peer, there was really only one choice: Flash. And as someone who knew how to wield Flash, life was pretty good! That is until HTML5, and its’ little buddy CSS3 came around. Suddenly there were options. Options that allowed developers to create a single application that would run on multiple devices. The whispers started. Flash is dying. Flash is dead. And then came WebRTC… In this retrospective, we’ll look back at the beginnings of real-time communications on the web. We’ll discuss HTML5, and how it took Flash from being the King of the interactive web to near extinction. Finally, and most importantly, we’ll take a look at WebRTC, getting you up to speed on the very tools that put the final nail in Flash’s coffin, and ensuring you’re ready for whatever comes next!

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