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MountainWest JavaScript 2014

This presentation, by Andy Pliszka, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Ember.js is JavaScript framework for building feature rich and very responsive applications. This session will provide an overview of Ember.js and demonstrate test-driven development of single-page web applications. In this session, I will present a walkthrough of Ember.js core features. I will showcase a test-driven development of Ember.js application using Jasmine. I will also explain Ember.js’ data bindings that allow for creation of views that update automatically in response to model changes. I will demo ease of Ember.js and Rails integration. Finally, I will utilize Ember.js components to create reusable UI elements. In summary, Ember.js is a great framework for creating complex single-page applications. Attendees will leave the talk with a solid understanding of Ember.js test-driven development process.

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