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MountainWest JavaScript 2014

This presentation, by Ryan Florence, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Its the ’90s and you’re blind. The internet shows up, and as it has for everybody else, the world has at once gotten much bigger and closer to you. The content is inspiring and the interfaces simple. A few years later some sites start to act a bit funny so you avoid them. Then a few years after that, many sites are completely unusable. The web begins to slowly disappear one bad JavaScript interface at a time. The world begins to shrink and get farther from you. It’s 2014 and you’re a web developer. You add alt tags to images and order your headings but have never heard of aria-labelledby or closed your eyes and used a screenreader. It is time for you to level up and bring the web back to the blind. Join me and my screenreader in a dark room as we talk about fundamental accessibility strategies and learning resources.

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