Madison+ UX 2014

Madison+ videos were recorded and produced by Backflip Films of Madison, WI.

As user experience professionals we address the unique needs of many diverse groups on a regular basis, but also depend on an assumption of a shared pool of knowledge and experience that transcends these distinctions. We assume that certain common iconography, terminology, and interactions are generally understood by most of the people we design for, but how do we handle the instances where these assumption prove false? How do we meet the needs of those on the wrong side of the “digital divide?” Do we seek to cater to the unique needs of those groups, even though doing so inevitably increases the divisions between them? Or do we attempt to expand and refine our assumptions to embrace a broader perspective, knowing that no matter how hard we try someone will be left out of the loop? By looking to parallels in other disciplines, namely architecture and urban planning, I will explore this dilemma and frame it in a way that allow us to develop a better understanding of it, and of it’s increasing significance in our daily work.

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