Madison+ Ruby 2014

Madison+ videos were recorded and produced by Backflip Films of Madison, WI.

Madison+ Ruby Conference is more than a typical one-track conference. We’re committed to bringing together two great communities by showcasing the assets of the local Ruby community and allowing Madison visitors a chance to experience one of the best, brainiest, and least-expensive places in the United States to live and work. This is the only conference in the Midwest where you’ll meet developers, yogis, business developers, and perhaps even artisan foodies all in the same place. Inspire, energize, and connect with Madison+ Ruby Conference. Madison+ Ruby is a conference designed for people who are either Ruby-curious or already practitioners. The program carries it’s fair share of technical content but also has been notably welcoming to non-technical and beginning developers. The yoga breaks, local flavor sessions, as well as occasional musicians, circus performers and the like means there is something for everyone. If you’re a lifetime learner you’ll find yourself at home at Madison+ Ruby.

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