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LoneStar Elixir 2017

This presentation, by Luke Imhoff, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

With the announcement of Phoenix 1.3 supporting umbrella projects at ElixirConf 2016, I was inspired to start early on converting our Phoenix 1.2 application to umbrella. Since the umbrella project templates weren't publicly available yet, I had to find the seams in our single, monolithic application where I could start breaking it into OTP apps for the umbrella project. I'll cover the thought process of how I broke up the app and what guidelines I use now when adding new code as to whether add it to a pre-existing application or to make a new OTP application. I'll share the common code I was able to share between our RPC server and API controllers, which I believe is a good behaviour for resource module in Phoenix 1.3.

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