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LA Ruby Conference 2014

This presentation, by Joe Moore, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Let's do this thing. What is pair programming? Won't software projects take twice as long or cost twice as much with pair programming? Do I pair with the same person every day? Who owns the code? How do performance reviews work? Do we pair on *everything?* What do I do if my pair goes home sick? What do I do if I can't stand my pair? What if my pair smells bad? What if my pair smells GOOD?! I've given presentations at many conferences, Meetups, and companies on topics ranging from Agile team management to Android messaging frameworks. My presentations inevitably grind to a halt once I mention that I pair program: I'm peppered with questions! I'll answer any and all questions about pair programming and remote pair programming, from the profound to the silly. I have no doubt that we will fill the allotted time with sage advice, educational anecdotes, and your own stories about pair programming.

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