JSConf Iceland 2016

Video recording and production done by JSConf Iceland

Have you ever wondered how computers "see" images? Do you want to work on an AR (Augmented Reality) project or build a NodeBot that can recognize your face? When you work with an image as your data input, sooner or later you'll encounter the magic term "Computer Vision. It can be intimidating to some. At first, that led me to choose a powerful library that works like magic in an unfamiliar language (C++). It felt like library was a black box and I had no control. I started wonder, what is so magical about computer vision? After all it is just code someone wrote. Can we unravel it? and reconstruct in JavaScript?? The answer is YES. In this talk, we'll start by getting image data from canvas object, then transform the data to alter an appearance of the image. You will get first insight into what data looks like to a browser (hint: it's just an array of numbers !). Finally, we'll go through simple image analysis process to build your own AR app in vanilla JavaScript!

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