JSConf Asia2014

As web developers we treat mobile phones as scaled down desktops. We like responsive design and nice looking buttons. But we can do so much more! That little device in your pocket is equipped with a gazillion sensors, and thus able to connect with the real life. Why not exploit that? It’s time to do crazy stuff with phones! In a talk that is filled with demo’s Jan Jongboom will throw phones in the air, create a theremin, build a security cam, rip some phones apart, play with the gyroscope and maybe even do some juggling (he’s practicing). And all of that... with JavaScript. Jan Jongboom is a battle-hardened mobile developer who currently works as a Firefox OS Contributor & Evangelist for Telenor, which allows him to take apart phones for a living. He is the author of Firefox OS in Action, and his first ever published article credited him as working for the Parks Department.

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