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JSChannel 2015

The WebGL API open's up an exciting world of possibilities for the web; allowing us to build complex applications, games and experiences that were never possible before. In this workshop we'll learn how to leverage WebGL directly, and also how to utilise it through one of it's most useful abstraction layers: ThreeJS. We'll cover the basics of rendering scenes and objects with lighting, textures and cameras; as well as interacting with them using directly and indirectly through the use of physics engines. You should come away from this talk with a thirst to learn more about this powerful technology, as well as a basic foundation of skills and knowledge to assist you in that exploration in building your own applications and games. In order to take the most from this talk, you should have a good understanding of browser JavaScript API's (the DOM API et al) as well as the heart not to be discouraged when we occasionally use phrases like 'matrix manipulation' and 'vector transforms'.

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