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JRuby Conf EU 2015

One of the most useful aspects of JRuby is the ease at which one can integrate tools from the Java ecosystem. For developers building hybrid applications though, using Ruby tools like Bundler and Rake can result in unpleasant hacks. If you stick to classic Java tools like Maven, it can feel like writing Ruby with a straight-jacket on. This lack of mature tooling to support Java/Ruby applications leaves developers in an uncanny valley between the two universes.. With the recent rise of Gradle, which was designed to support a polyglot ecosystem through a rich plugin architecture, there is light at the end of the tunnel for JRuby developers! This talk will introduce the jruby-gradle project, an effort to combine the very best in Java tooling with the Ruby world, providing top-notch integration for JRuby devs. During the talk we will cover the motivations of the jruby-gradle project and describe how it helps bridge the gap between Java and Ruby. By combining the flexibility of JRuby with the power of Gradle, we can breathe new life into JRuby, opening it up to an even broader audience than before.

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