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Jenkins User Conference 2015

LPCXpresso is a multi-platform IDE for developers of embedded software to run on NXP Semiconductor's ARM-based microcontrollers. NXP needs to test that the debugger can execute programs on numerous different development boards that connect to the USB ports of host computers. Besides building a complex software product, the Jenkins installation drives an automated test farm consisting of home-built software-controlled USB switches ("cows") that control a huge array of combinations of test board, debug probe and host platform. This talk will give a tour of the NXP farm, including video of the cows in action, and will describe the features of Jenkins that are used to make it work, with particular emphasis on dynamic selection of combinations within matrix jobs, parameterized triggers and the Summary Display plugin. Finally, plans to migrate to the new Workflow plugin will be discussed. NXP believes the Workflow plugin will simplify the structure and make it more maintainable.

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