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Jenkins User Conference 2015

Christophe will share his experience at Wyplay, a provider of connected TV middleware, in Jenkins scaling and best practices. At Wyplay, the Jenkins master server had grown to include 34 attached slaves, 78 plugins and 527 jobs. That would not have been a problem if there were no major issues - but that was not the case. The team had issues related to performance, reliability, ability to upgrade and security. Because of these issues, project teams started to build their own master servers and on several of them, the issues (particularly security) were even greater than on the original Jenkins master server. The Wyplay team decided to migrate to a system where they could easily generate and manage new masters for each project. They migrated the 500 original jobs to this new infrastructure. Christophe will explain in his talk how Wyplay used Docker to support the migration to the new architecture. In addition to this master infrastructure, Wyplay also makes use of Docker for launching dedicated slaves for small jobs using the Docker plugin. Tips on how this infrastructure can be enhanced will be provided.

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