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Jenkins User Conference 2015

Come see how we transformed a stovepiped organization anchored in slow, fear-inducing manual processes into a streamlined team delivering code continuously across a large, federated big-data application using Jenkins and Chef. It's rare when we DevOps professionals get a chance to start fresh, but in this situation our customer brought us in to kick-start their continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process using Jenkins and Chef on a greenfield project. We started with a software development group that had made various attempts at CD over a period of two years with little success. Within three months, we had a full continuous delivery pipeline with release builds, automated testing, automated deployment and push-button production releases. Rich will show how he and his team integrated Jenkins, Git, Maven, SonarQube, jUnit, Robot, TestNG and Chef to deliver code changes through multiple test environments in a matter of minutes, allowing for rapid production deployments with a simple manual trigger in the pipeline. The co-ownership of the "infrastructure as code" between the development groups and technical operations teams allowed for rapid, pain-free changes in the software configuration across all environments.

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