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Jenkins User Conference 2015

Why is it that more teams talk about extending build automation to include functional and non-functional testing than actually can do it? Is the challenge in implementing automated tests that don’t require babysitting? Perhaps it is reliably executing parallel execution on real devices? Or is the real point of failure a lab that triggers a 40% false negative rate? Are there other obstacles? This session will explore these issues and offer attendees lessons learned from multiple successful projects that are driving fast feedback through implementing a robust CI practice using Jenkins. The speakers will highlight: - Two preconditions for success: a. A test ready lab offering the ability to mic end user environments b. Automation that executes continuously and in parallel across multiple targets - Requirements for strong test planning: a. Designing a progressive test plan account for daily, nightly and weekly feedback windows, along with determining appropriate device coverage b. Inserting non-functional tests for early identification of performance challenges Presentation examples will feature Eclipse, Selenium Remote WebDriver, TestNG and Perfecto’s cloud-based lab.

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