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Jenkins User Conference 2014 Berlin

This presentation, by Lars Kruse, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

The ClearCase UCM plugin implements a 100% automated process for integrating feature streams on to the mainline. These desirable features are developed and refined over the years by a joint group of developers and users. Now we have distilled the lessons learned, and in collaboration with Amtel, have developed a generic plugin offering the same support for a UCM inspired branching strategy even in Distributed Verson Control Systems such as Mercurial and Git. We will present this "branchy approach" to pre-tested integration and why we have come to believe that this approach is preferable to some of the other alternatives frequently being used in other plugins. We will demonstrate the simple workflow strategy implemented at Atmel, which is based on just ten principles - and the new pre-tested integration plugin. The workflow offers an even simpler and Continuous Delivery compliant variant of the popular Git flow by @nive and at the same time is fully compliant with the branching strategy build into Atlassian's Stach.

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