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Jenkins User Conference 2013 Palo Alto

Jenkins experts from CloudBees have been busy working on new additions to the Jenkins platform. Kohsuke and Harpreet are excited to share with you these exciting new features: Literate builds: A new open-source plugin, that dramatically simplifies CI job setups by relying on a human-readable readme file to provide build instruction. This feature builds on top of multi-branch support. Multi-branch plugin: This plugin automatically creates a job for every branch in your repository from a single configuration. We'll show you how these are layered and what other things to build on top of them. This plugin led to improvements we've done across SCM plugins, namely the Credentials plugin and Git plugin 2.0. These enhancements allow centralized credentials management. Various performance improvements and stability related to lazy loading in regressions. Mobile app development in DEV@cloud, the CloudBees-hosted Jenkins as a service.

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