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This presentation, by Michael May, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Your rails app is slow. Even after memory caching, optimizing queries, and adding servers the problem persists, killing your user experience. You’ve heard of services called "Content Delivery Networks" (CDNs), that could help, but they only seem to work with static content. Worry not, for there is a solution: dynamic content caching at the edge. In this talk, we explain how CDNs can be used to accelerate dynamic rails applications. We will cover: What is Caching? What are CDNs? What is Dynamic Caching? Instant Purging Surrogate-Control headers Key Based Purging A Rails Plugin for dynamic caching integration You'll leave with: A deep understanding of how caching and content delivery networks actually work. Understand recent innovations in CDN technology; things that enable edge caching dynamic content. Understand how rails plugins can be used to easily add dynamic edge caching functionality to your app. Gain insight into how to hook things into rails with plugins.

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