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This presentation, by Lauren Voswinkel, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In Rails, we have a beautiful framework that can take us from a blank slate to a fully-functional app in little time. However, doing things "The Rails Way" has a lot of implicit dependencies, including persistence. Are you really equipped to make one of the largest decisions about your app before any of your code has even been written? By putting this decision off you can get a feel for your domain before ever committing anything to a db schema. This means fewer migrations and fewer db-related hacks. Also, these practices encourage encapsulation and interchangeability, which means you get the ability to choose which datastore is best for you. Not just on an application level, but on a per model level as well! During the talk we’ll be walking through simple examples at different points in application lifecycle. These snapshots will address the biggest pain points of a persistence free process and leave you in a position to put off persistence in your own app development!

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