Full Stack Fest 2016

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2016 has brought the launch of consumer-level desktop virtual reality technologies for the first time, and how we experience data and information is shifting into 3D. Today's web technologies are shaping the future of the VR web and bringing immersive experiences to support cross-platform, device-agnostic virtual reality experiences right in the browser. In this talk, we'll cover the experimental WebVR API and how new libraries and frameworks are developing to support immersive technologies that work on devices from Google Cardboard to the Oculus Rift, as well as how new virtual reality applications are using JavaScript and WebGL to enable user-generated content. About the speaker: Liv Erickson is a Virtual and Augmented Reality Developer Evangelist at Microsoft based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the creator and host of Just A/VR Show, a web show for aspiring VR and AR developers, developer of KittenVR, and the author of The Matrix is My Office blog. Liv is passionate about making immersive technologies accessible to everyone, and teaching new developers how to create their own VR & AR experiences. Most recently, she has co-organized the AR/VR Women meetup group and founded the MultiReality Academy, a program designed to help provide an overview of the immersive technology industry for aspiring creators. Talk given at Full Stack Fest 2016 (https://www.fullstackfest.com)

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